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Error : ' Element 'Views' is not valid for content model '

If you see following error message when starting presentation services, possible reason for error would be, you may have same tags twice o...


OBIEE - URL's and Their Particular Purpose

Based on your permissions and environment setup you will be able to access following links. http://Your_Server_Name:7001/console - to acc...


Goldengate: How to handle soft deletes in OBIEE

Concept:  In the source table record got deleted , in the replicated target update the record attribute delete_flag from N to Y, if rec...


OBIEE - Interview Questions | Part - 2

1 )What are different types of variables? Explain each. There are two classes of variables: 1. Repository variables ...


Interview Questions of OBIEE | Part - 1

1) What is the end to end life cycle of Siebel Analytics ? Siebel Analytics life cycle 1. Gather Business Requirements 2. Identify sou...


Transforming the Finance Department - OBIEE

The Traditional role of Finance and Accounting department as number crunchers who report on the financials of the company is changin...

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