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Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition (Oracle BIEE) is a comprehensive suite of enterprise BI products that delivers a full range of analysis and reporting capabilities. OBIEE gives business users the capability to perform in-depth analysis and data mining of detailed business data, providing real and significant information for making critical decisions.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition consists of components that were formerly available from Siebel Systems as Siebel Business Analytics Platform, with a number of significant enhancements.

OBIEE is made up of several services such as “Answers”, “Delivers”, “Interactive Dashboards” and “Applications” which help to organize and present data for making critical and timely business decisions.
Oracle BI has two main components: 
Oracle BI Presentation Services
Oracle Business Intelligence Applications
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Oracle BI Presentation Services: Oracle BI Presentation Services consists of the following interfaces.

Oracle Business Intelligence Answers. Oracle BI Answers provides answers to business questions. This interface allows users with the appropriate permissions to build and modify reports that let end users explore and interact with information, and present and visualize information using charts, pivot tables, and reports. These reports can be formatted, saved, organized, and shared with others. A report can be configured to refresh results in real-time. Reports created with Oracle BI Answers can be saved in the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog and integrated into any Oracle BI home page or dashboard. Results can be enhanced through options such as charting, result layout, calculation, and drilldown features.

Oracle Business Intelligence Interactive Dashboards. When an end user accesses Oracle BI, the user is presented with a default interactive dashboard with points of access for detailed analytics information. Dashboards are typically used to display reports that contain content specific to the needs of individual users or groups. 

Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers. Oracle BI Delivers is the interface used to create Oracle Business Intelligence Alerts based on analytics results. Specific results can be detected within reports and the appropriate people notified immediately through Web, wireless, and mobile communications channels. They can be driven by schedules or events that can access, filter, and perform analytics on data based on specified criteria.

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications: 

An Oracle BI application consists of pre-built, industry-specific Oracle BI interactive dashboards and Oracle BI reports that are built using industry best practices and address key functional areas within an organization. Oracle BI applications are integrated with operational applications to provide business metrics in reports, in context with an organization’s business function and industry.

Oracle BI applications include Extract Transform Load (ETL) routines to extract, transform, and load data into the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse.

Security in Oracle BI:

OBIEE allows a high degree of control over access to elements in Oracle BI applications. The security mechanism comprises Business logic object security, Presentation Catalog object security and Data level security.

Drilling Down in Oracle BI:

In OBIEE, you can drill down from a dashboard or report to an actual item in the database. For example, if you work in sales, you can drill down to the city level within a sales report, and observe that there is a large sale pending in Paris. If you are using an Oracle Siebel operational application, you can then drill down on the pending sale and go directly to that opportunity in the Oracle BI application.
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